Anonymous says: From one large chested lady to another; what's your favourite bra? I'm in the market for a new one, but can't find one that I like. :\ ( I'm a 46DD, so it'd have to be sort of heavy duty)

My favorite bra of all time is the the Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels Multi-Way Bra (but sew the straps in because they like to unhook at inopportune moments) - unfortunately VS only goes up to a back size 40. 

I think Panache has a line that goes up to a 48 back size, so maybe check them out! Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful!

Anonymous says: i hate to bother you, but you seem really nice, so i thought it would be ok to ask: is a proffesional bra fitting really necessary? i'm really insecure and shy about my breasts, because they're kind of huge and you have to take your shirt off (1/2 )

get a fitting, right? i dont even let anyone, /anyone/ see me in a t-shirt, let alone in a tanktop or a bra.

You can, technically, do a bra fitting at home. But it’s HARD. I absolutely would recommend getting a professional bra fitting. I know it’s awkward, especially if you have a larger bust, but the right bra size will absolutely change. your. life. 

And keep in mind that it is their JOB to do these fittings. They see boobs all day long. They see boobs of all sizes and shapes, and if they do their job right they should be making attempts to make you feel as comfortable as possible. If you can, maybe communicate to your fitter that you’re a little nervous and not so comfortable so she knows to be gentle with you. :3

Anonymous says: hey gorgeous! I have a question that bothers me quite some time now. I have some weird scars between my tights, because they rub against each other in summer and the healed skin has some brownish tinge. My problem is, it looks like it is dirty, though these are only scars. Do you know something to make my skin lighter? Or to get back to a normal skin tone? You would help me so much!

Most topical skin-lightening creams are bogus but there are lots of scar-healing and lightening treatments that seem to be at least a little bit effective. I’d suggest talking to a dermatologist before going forward because it’s a sensitive area and they might be able to recommend some treatments.

Anonymous says: can people follow this blog or is it private?

you’re totally allowed to follow

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Anonymous says: Hey baby(; Just a quick question, (not really) I've been exploring my more deviant side and I was wondering what your most deliciously wicked kink is? Because, as I've found, threesomes with people who have tongue piercings, are my thing.

People seem to think I’m a lot kinkier than I actually am - but I sure do like being bitten and spanked. 

Way more vanilla than threesomes with pierced-tongue-type-people :3